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The Kashmir Files- Why you should watch it?

In today’s post-pandemic environment, The Kashmir Files has become the most popular Hindi film. The Vivek Agnihotri-directed picture has accomplished what even the most dynamic Hindi blockbusters with the most popular star cast and never-ending advertising efforts have failed to achieve. This was accomplished in under two weeks – for a total of 13 days. This level of achievement is no longer considered miraculous. This isn’t a pre-planned riot at the theatre. This is the outcome of the power of the audience and the lessons that most filmmakers overlook when picking a plot.

The Kashmir Files

Here are the 5 reasons to watch The Kashmir Files

It tells the naked truth

The truth was kept hidden from Indians for 32 years. The hardship of 5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits who were displaced overnight was a narrative that needed to be conveyed. What puzzles me is that no filmmaker has considered exposing the truth. It provides for a great celluloid experience if nothing else. Consider what one of Hollywood’s best filmmakers could have done with this epic tale. However, this is not the case. They were preoccupied with documentaries about criminals and politicians.

The Kashmir Files

It doesn’t sugarcoat the dreadful fact

Another fascinating factor that has contributed to the film’s huge popularity is the filmmakers’ straightforward selling, particularly director Vivek Agnihotri. None of the folks involved with The Kashmir Files attempted to market it as a mass-market movie or show it in any other type of theatre. They only ever stated, “This is the truth.” All they ever did was be open and honest about what their picture stands for and who it appeals to. There are no advertising gimmicks, Instagram clips, or dramatic fictitious exchanges, just a straightforward discussion of the film’s politics and the incident’s heart! Even in pre-release interviews, the film’s team avoided any standard tactics.

Emotions are portrayed in a realistic manner

With all of its politics and realities, The Kashmir Files is an emotional film. Human stories are always more relatable and hence simpler to comprehend. Because it comes from within them, is about one of their own, and speaks to everyone, a narrative that depicts individuals dying and an effort to wipe out a whole community is likely to make the audience cry. Emotions are the global language, and the creators exploited them to communicate with the public. There has never been a more successful plan!

It recreated a forgotten history

This is a timely tale. The incident occurred when most of the viewers of The Kashmir Files were still young and aware of what was going on around them, not during the reign of the monarchs and invaders. Questioning themselves – ‘why didn’t I know about this?’ or ‘what was I doing when this happened?’ – is almost like treating themselves as if they were a character in the movie they’re watching. Furthermore, no of how hard you try to avoid discussing the country’s politics, it fits the country’s political environment.

The Kashmir Files

It spreads awareness among the citizen about Kashmiri Pandits

The audience enjoys being tricked by a tale. As the Kashmir Files took over, the producers asked the audience a question: why hadn’t you heard of the genocide before? The occurrence is not one that has been recorded in Indian history for a long time. It’s new and yet in its infancy. As a result, when the creators offer the audience something to think about, a tale that makes them ponder and doubt their own claims to being a responsible citizens, they are more likely to pay attention.

The Kashmir Files’ USP is not entertainment. It’s a replication of reality, no matter how harsh or unpleasant it is. The Kashmir Files’ audience isn’t swarming theatres to kill time. During the films, popcorn sales are nearly non-existent. With the seriousness of a religious gathering for a hallowed ‘dread’ ceremony, audiences watch the events unfold with silent awe.

The Kashmir Files is an alternative to Bollywood’s garish excesses and its so-called A-listers. Actors can command upwards of 150 crores, while the remainder of the budget is slashed to whatever the producers can afford after paying the male celebrity. It’s a huge waste of money. The Kashmir Files has shattered the superstars’ monopoly on project funding.

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