Places To Visit In Ladakh

Places To Visit In Ladakh

If you are looking for something extraordinary, Ladakh is your answer. It’s a traveler’s dreamland with massive lakes, high altitude ranges, deep valleys, and scenic trails. The land of high passes is also known for facilitating the best adventure sports.

1. Pangong Lake

Just about 160 kms from Leh is a beautiful lake named Pangong Lake, the beauty of Pangong lake is itself a reason to warrant a trip there. A ride to this lake will result in one of the most wonderful experiences. But the location is so remote that it takes a good 4-5 hours ride from Leh. However, there are other things to do at Pangong Lake that will keep you excited during the duration of your stay there, one of them is camping. Camping at Pangong Lake can be an enthralling experience. The route to Pangong Lake is as beautiful as the lake itself, to get a glimpse of this beauty, stop about 11 km before reaching Pangong Lake if you are coming from Leh, you will be greeted by a few signboards displaying this ” Stop Here To See Rare Endemic Species MARMOT”. Marmots are large squirrels that are found in mountain areas. My sole aim in writing this blog is to reveal that staying in Pangong for overnight camping is Ten times worth than returning back in just one day. Since I was short on time I returned back in just one day so I was not able to click many pictures.





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