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Microsoft Software Engineer From Bangaluru Turns Rapido Driver On weekends

People used to lead simple lives in the past since they were not seeking financial pleasures. This provided them plenty of time to spend with friends, family, neighbors, and other loved ones and express their feelings and views. However, in the modern period, nearly everyone is engaged in a race to satisfy their materialistic needs. As a result, our lives have become so busy that we barely have time to see our families, friends, and neighbors.

Microsoft Software Engineer

Because we cannot express our feelings freely due to how we live in the current world, many of us have become emotionally suffocated. To remedy this condition, creative solutions are being developed.

Here are some replies to the tweets.

Microsoft Software Engineer

A man from Bengaluru recently shared an incident on the microblogging website Twitter. He claimed that he had rented a Rapido bike, but that learning about the Rapido driver(Microsoft Software Engineer) had almost astounded him. The internet user reveals that his Rapido driver works as an SDET for Microsoft and that he enjoys talking to people while driving on the weekends as a hobby.

“My Rapido Driver today was an SDET at Microsoft & he told me that he drives only to talk to people and as a hobby on weekends.” the man tweeted.

Do you have such hobbies as the Microsoft Software Engineer? Comment down below

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