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Man Married His dead Girlfriend In Assam – Video Went Viral

A Man Married His dead Girlfriend was shown in a video that went popular on social media. The young man was reportedly witnessed getting married to his longtime partner, who passed unexpectedly on Friday at a private hospital in Guwahati, Assam, due to illness. In front of the corpse, he even made a commitment not to remarry.

Man Married His dead Girlfriend

In the video, a young man identified as Bitupan Tamuli is seen painting the girl’s cheeks and forehead with vermillion, just as a man would do for his newlywed spouse. When the 27-year-old young man wrapped a white garland around the girl’s neck, she was resting on the ground. The ceremony to finish the marriage process was then performed by the youth by taking another garland, touching her in various places, and wearing it.

The family said that Prathana Bora, a native of Kosua village in Chaparmukh, and Bitupan, a resident of Morigaon, had been lovers for a very long time. Both families were aware of the relationship and the couple’s plans to get married.

“A few days previously, Parthana had suddenly been ill and was rushed to a Guwahati private hospital. We tried our best to save her, but it was too late. She died on Friday evening “One of her relatives mentioned Subhon Bora. The wedding supplies were taken to the funeral by a broken-hearted Biputan.

“He said that he was going to marry her when Biputan arrived. We were unable to express our shock at what we were seeing. We never even dared to imagine how much someone might love my sister. We weren’t even going to try to stop him “Prathana’s cousin’s brother, Subhon, said.

“He was crying and participating in all the festivities, which we watched. My sister had a lot of good fortune. She wanted to wed Biputan, and he made her ultimate dream come true. What else can be said?” Subhon enquired, adding that the entire family had been moved by the loving gift.

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