Enteons have come up with a product known as Xvell which is a blogging site where travelers can share their travel experiences, which in turn will help other travelers to gain knowledge from it. As everyone knows that blogging makes it extremely easy for anyone to become an online publisher, with our site’s easy to use publishing system it encourages more dynamic content for other travelers or enthusiasts to learn from and conduct personal researches and/or travel plans. Ultimately it will prove to be an influential tool.

Why Is It Here & For Whom?

Being a traveler, there is no limit to problems that we face during our journey. We always used to hope for the best way that would make our travel plans easier. In Xvell every traveler can share their experience and make others aware of scams or problems they experienced. This will prove to be an efficacious step to benefit travelers.

What Is Our Motto?

As the world is changing around us, we are consistently seeing the increase in passion for traveling, touring and adventure so we wanted to take a step to benefit the world changers of tomorrow. We aim to increase tourism and adventure traveling around the world by bridging the troublesome gap between travelers and the issues they face such as communication problems with locals, emergency situations, searching for a specific place, etc.

About Us?

This blog site is created by a group of travelers who want to provide every possible thing that could help travelers ease their journey. Through our journey from registering as a private limited company till launching this blogging platform known as Xvell, we came across many suggestions given by our friends and mentors to improve this platform. A special thanks to Sajal Sheth, H.P Sharma who helped us a lot by giving us very valuable suggestions and ideas that we have implemented onto Xvell.

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