FAQ’s & Support


Use the Register Now option on the login screen or click here.
Yes! (Note-: extraterrestrials need addtional ID proofs 👽)
Yes , send us your Account Deletion request using the form above or mail us at support@xvell.com
Hover mouse or Touch (For Mobile Devices) on your profile on the top right corner and select the Change Avatar or Change Cover options and then select photo to upload, if it shows a reccommended resolution, you can ignore it, but keep in mind that it will be the optimum image size for that option.
Search their name on the search bar above and then select the relevant profile, then click on Add Friend button to send them a friendship request, then wait for them to accpet your request, you will be notified when they accept your request via the notification bolt on top right side of the website or in the bottom part of the screen for users using the android application.
Search for group in the search bar above, if the group is a public one you can view and post on it directly and can join it without any approval, if a group is private then you will have to send a joining request by clicking on the Join Group button, which will be on the right side of the group name.
When you reply to a topic on a forum, you are automatically added to it, you can even start a new discussion by using the option found just below the end of the forum topic lists, if the forum is orivate then you have to send a joining request to it.
Sending A New Message -: Click or Touch on the message icon found on the top right or bottom (for android) then select Compose and type in the username or usernames (for messaging multiple people) in the username section, then type in the subject and message and hit send.
Checking Messages -: Click or Touch on the message icon found on the top right or bottom (for android) then select the conversation you were looking for.


Fill out the form for any query you may have or mail us at support@xvell.com 

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