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Coimbatore Car Blast Case Is Now Handed Over To NIA – Police Arrested The Sixth Suspect

On October 22, a car’s LPG cylinder burst, killing a 25-year-old man near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, in the politically charged Kottaimedu area. Jamesha Mubin, a resident of Kottaipudur, a neighbourhood close to GM Nagar in Ukkadam, was named as the victim of the Coimbatore bomb.

In the Ukkadam neighbourhood of Coimbatore, there was an explosion at around 4 am in a Maruti automobile directly across from the Kottai Eswaran temple. Nails, marbles, and two gas cylinders were discovered.

Coimbatore Car Blast Case

The explosive blow caused the car, a Maruti 800 hatchback, to smash into pieces. Steel balls, glass pebbles, aluminium and iron nails, as well as an unexploded LPG cylinder, were also gathered by police from the scene. While there have been claims of ties between the most recent Coimbatore Car Blast Case and the Easter assaults in Sri Lanka in 2019, there have also been claims that the Tamil Nadu Police discovered a connection to the 1998 Coimbatore serial explosives during their investigation.

The neighbourhood where Mubin lived has historically been a sensitive one, notably in the wake of the city’s 1998 series of blasts, according to a report by India Today, Ukkadam. While one police team searched Mubin’s home following the latest cylinder attack, another team was conducting raids on the homes of Islamic militants connected to Al-Ummah, the terrorist group responsible for the Coimbatore serial blasts in 1998. The home of Nawab Khan, the brother of Al-Ummah head Syed Ahmed Basha, was also searched by the police.

Because of his involvement in the terrorist group that planned the 1998 series of explosions, Nawab Khan is presently incarcerated. Over 60 people were murdered and another 220 others were hurt in these explosions. According to reports, the police also questioned Mohammed Thalka or Dalqa, Nawab Khan’s son, who is now known to be one of the five criminals accused under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Under the UAPA, the case in which the deceased Jamesha Mubin has also been recognised as an offender has also been amended to include Sections 120B (punishment for criminal conspiracy) and 153A (promoting animosity between different communities).

Coimbatore Car Blast Case

The Police also looked into Mubin’s phone and looked through his data before learning that the dead had posted a WhatsApp story before his passing apologising for his actions. “If the news of my death reaches you, forgive my mistakes. Hide my shortcomings. Participate in my Janasa. Pray for me” the message in the native tongue stated. According to a report, Mubin’s statement was specially created and likely had some link to the Facebook group “KhilafahGFX.”

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