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5 Weird Food Combo Worth Trying!

5 Weird food combo worth trying! Yes! You heard it right. What can be the most weird and unusual thing you could have ever tried? Your inner soul says  NO!!!!  and yes I knew that…..HAHAHAHA!!(Laughter inside).

Weird food combo worth trying brings you an open challenge for both your brain and taste buds to go crazy.

At times weird food combo gives an opportunity to blend your buds into a new taste for culinary experiences and exploring something new which is not yet discovered. And sometimes this challenge can be a disaster for your experiment resulting in a weird flavor of cuisines bombarding on your taste buds.

Do you want to challenge your taste buds and brain? With these surprisingly good food combinations, shake your flavors up!

5 Weird Food Combo Worth Trying!

Here goes 5 weird food combos which can actually work. It may seems weird putting at first sight but are worth a fair shot… At least challenge yourself once in your life time!

1.Peanut Butter with Pickles

Weird Food Combo Worth Trying

No mood for a sandwich? Not an issue. Try this pantry staple sandwich with a combination of peanut butter and pickles.

This unusual combo can work by pairing the briny, crisp taste of pickles with the oily texture of peanut butter. It can be kept simple with adding these in between any bread or elevated with grilled peanut butter with sandwich. Or, take it a step further by adding potato chips inside the sandwich.

2. Ice cream with Olive Oil

Weird Food Combo Worth Trying

Instead of fruit, whipped cream or chocolate sauce, try these unexpected ice cream combinations to wake up your taste buds.

This combination works because the olive oil adds extra creaminess and a slightly savory touch to vanilla ice cream. Olive oil can be added while making ice cream or lightly drizzled on top of vanilla ice cream.

3. Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese

Weird Food Combo Worth Trying

Cheese in a fruit pie? Yes, this combination actually works well together with cheddar cheese in an apple pie.

The cheese adds a slight salty compliment to the sweet apples. Cheddar cheese can be worked into the pie crust, or the cheese can be added into the apple filling like in this apple pie with cheddar cheese recipe.

4. Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar

Weird Food Combo Worth Trying

Another weird fruit combination can be strawberries and balsamic. The balsamic can actually make the sweet strawberry flavor pop. The key is to not use too much balsamic to over power the strawberry flavor.

5. Pizza with (Hot) Honey

Pizza with (Hot) Honey

There are many unique pizza combinations, but does honey on pizza work? This unusual food combination will surprise you how they can, in fact, pair well together. Hot honey, or honey infused with chilies, drizzled on pizza adds a slightly sweet flavor and extra heat.

If you do not have hot honey, regular honey can still be added to pizza. For example, cheese and honey pizza recipe simply combines mozzarella, fontina, and ricotta cheese with a few tablespoons of honey for a balanced salty and sweet pizza combination.


Many fun and unusual food combinations appear to not go together at first glance, but somehow are delicious together. In order for these weird food combinations to work, flavors and textures are contrasted. For example, many unusual food combinations pair a sweet and savory ingredient such as vanilla ice cream and soy sauce, cheddar cheese and apple pie, or grape jelly and scrambled eggs.

Food combinations can also pair varying textures such as peanut butter and pickles or broccoli and Cheetos. Some pairings may help cut a fatty ingredient like pairing honey and pizza or peanut butter, bananas and bacon.

The varying flavors and textures of each food come together to meet in the middle and create a tasty balance. The key is to not use too much of one ingredient to over power the other flavor to truly enjoy these unusual food pairings.

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