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5 Terrifying Indian Serial Killers

Because there is usually some form of the motivation behind homicides, but not with serial killings, it might be difficult to understand the mentality of a serial killer. Serial killers frequently have a psychological need to kill rather than any rational justification or personal grudge towards the victim. There are serial killers in every country, including India. Here are the top 5 Terrifying Indian Serial Killers still remembered for their horrific atrocities.

Amardeep Sada

5 Terrifying Indian Serial Killers

Our 8-year-old kid murdered 3 newborns, making him the youngest serial murderer on this list—eight-month-old sibling from his own family, a six-month-old cousin, and another neighbour around the same age. To prevent notoriety, his family had kept the deaths of the sister and cousin a secret. However, the hamlet turned against the youngster after the neighbour’s daughter was killed, and the police were summoned.

He admitted to taking these infants out to a desolate area and hitting them with a brick till they died in front of the cops. Under a mound of dry grass and leaves, he hid the lifeless bodies. Without any remorse or sense of shame, this sadist child admitted everything. Amardeep Sada is one of the youngest among the 5 Terrifying Indian Serial Killers.

Renuka Shinde & Seema Gavit

5 Terrifying Indian Serial Killers

Early on, their own mother taught the murderous sisters how to steal small items. As soon as they realised that it was simple to use small children as a defence in the event that they were caught, they began snatching toddlers. Any youngster that began causing them issues was put to death. Later, the Sessions Court brought charges against them for 9 homicides and 13 kidnappings. They are currently on death row and will soon become the first women to be executed in India for their horrible crimes.

Mohinder Singh Pandher and Surindher Koli

5 Terrifying Indian Serial Killers

Rich Noida businessman Mohinder Singh Pandher and his domestic helper Surinder Koli were detained in 2006. This was done after they were linked to the finding of multiple human skulls. Later it was discovered that his employer’s housekeeper had been using the girls from the nearby hamlet of Nithari as bait. Cannibalism, rape, murder, sexual exploitation for paedophilia, organ trafficking, and other offences were also alleged. As rumours spread, the media went wild. The employer was accused of participating in these crimes and is still under investigation. Koli received a death sentence without delay.

Mohan Kumar

5 Terrifying Indian Serial Killers

He would deceive ladies into swallowing contraceptives that were actually cyanide tablets after having sex with them. He has slain roughly 20 women between 2005 and 2009. He was reportedly involved in bank frauds and other types of financial forgeries, too. He received a death sentence in December 2013.

Raman Raghav

5 Terrifying Indian Serial Killers

When Mumbai was still known as Bombay, a guy who tormented the city’s northern suburbs resided there. He brutally murdered individuals, including children, by bashing their heads and breaking their jaws with a baton. In 1968, Raman was continuously eluding the police’s grasp. Alex Fialho, a sub-inspector, finally arrested him. He was given a life sentence after confessing to 40 killings. But why did Raman Raghav murder so many people is a valid question? The explanation is really unsettling—he killed them for no apparent reason. Even a movie based on this tale, Raman Raghav 2.0, starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, was produced by Anurag Kashyap.

Which one of these 5 Terrifying Indian Serial Killers is the most horrifying for you? Comment down below

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