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4 Women Kidnapped A Man And Rapped In Punjab

A Jalandhar resident claims that four women who all appeared to be in their early twenties abducted him in a white automobile after dousing him in some chemical and then drugged and sexually assaulted him in a jungle.

4 Women Kidnapped A Man

The four women allegedly abandoned him later in a remote location, late at night. However, the aforementioned man has not reported the incident to the police.

Instead, he spoke to the local media to describe his experience and revealed that he is married and has children. He claims that his wife asked him not to make a complaint because the family was more concerned that he had survived than anything else, according to reports.

The kidnapping, according to the man, was carried out with a sexual purpose. He revealed that he works as a laborer in a leather factory while recounting the entire scenario to media personnel. On his way home on Monday, he passed a car with four girls inside that had stopped nearby on the Kapurthala road. He requested an address from the female driving the automobile, who then gave it to him.

He apparently started gazing at the slip when the female allegedly sprayed something in his eyes, which caused him to lose all vision and finally fainted.
Then, as he came to, he was seated with them in the automobile, wrists bound behind his back and blindfolded.

After that, the girls allegedly transported him to an unidentified location where they drugged him. He said that they were drinking alcohol and that they had made him join them. The man stated that following this, all four of them turned to rape him.

The girls left later, about three in the morning, leaving him bound and blindfolded. The girls appeared to come from excellent households, the father told reporters. They were all speaking largely English to one another. They only spoke to him in Punjabi, though.

According to sources, the Punjab police intelligence department opened a suo moto investigation into the matter as a result of the news.

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