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We are a traveller social network with 1000+ active users all around the world. Share your travel plans, write blog posts, share photos or videos , show your favourite music, earn loyal followers and much more!
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Xvell is a travel social network that aims to connect travellers with other travellers around the globe. Through Xvell they can interact with each other and can get travel advice or tips from friends or strangers. Most of us like to kickstart our travel plans without exaggerating, which takes a lot of time, our world being a place of exciting topography has something cool to offer each day. Xvell helps you make a proper plan by consulting with fellow travellers without any hassles.

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Meet New People all over the World

There are moments in life that we want to share with other like minded people. Meeting fellow travellers and locals in a new country is a great oppurtunity to go off the beaten path and experience something authentic. Xvell will help you connect with travellers from all all around the world. There are thousands of members who share the same interests as you and who will help you and connect with you in real life. Xvell makes all of this very easy to do.


The Best User Interface and Useful Features

Xvell has platform leading user interfaces that make it very effortless to use and navigate around the website and app. With features such as Direct Messaging, Groups, Forums, GIF Support, Emoji Support, etc. Xvell is a complete package for travellers to make use of and appreciate.

Community Reviews

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Amazing Community

Xvell makes me feel like that i am in a big and friendly community

Raj Patel
Mumbai, India

This is the Best Social Network ever!

This is the best social media platform i have ever used!

Nikhil Mishra
Bangalore, India

Incredible Design!

Xvell is one of the most intuitive and easy to use social media platforms ever.

Rajesh Patra
Bhubaneswar, India
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